Carnival in Tenerife

Carnival in Tenerife in the Canary Islands is one of the most important events of the year. A riot of colour with music and dancing, the main carnival that takes place in the capital of Santa Cruz is rightly said to rival the world-famous Rio de Janeiro carnival.

Tenerife Carnaval 2015

The costumes and decorated floats create an incredible spectacle. The main events for Tenerife Carnival 2016 run from the 22 January until 14 February but other towns throughout the island have their events on different dates with some running until the end of the month.

Carnival themes – “The 1980s”

The carnivals have different themes each year. In 2015 the theme was “the Future,” and this year’s Tenerife Carnaval theme is “The 1980s.”

Carnival participants and the general public who attend the event dress up in fancy dress that reflects the theme.

For tourists who come to Tenerife, the carnival is something that should not be missed, and many people come to the island at this time of year to enjoy the celebrations. Visitors to Tenerife will find some hotels but self-catering apartments are also a popular form of short term accommodation.

Carnival Queen

A Tenerife Carnival Queen

Every year a Carnival Queen is chosen at a special gala and this is a very important part of the celebrations, as well as a great honour for the woman that gets picked as the queen. Since 1984, there is also the selection of a Senior Carnival Queen, and Junior Carnival Queens are also being chosen with children’s themes for this event.

Carnival Parade

At a Tenerife carnival procession

The carnival procession or parade is the main event and is witnessed by a huge crowd of people who come to watch it. This is when a long line of flamboyant floats and dancers in outrageous costumes take to the streets.

Burial of the Sardine

One of the events held towards the end of the Tenerife Carnival is known as the Burial of the Sardine. This is a Spanish tradition that takes place on Ash Wednesday and takes the form of another carnival parade but this time parodying a funeral procession in which everyone dresses as mourners in black clothes.

Burial of the Sardine

An enormous model sardine is carried through the streets and burned at the end of the ceremony.

Carnival in Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz carnival

The resort of Puerto de la Cruz on the northwest coast of Tenerife hosts one of the other most impressive carnivals on the island, and the question must be asked: which Tenerife Carnival is the best?

Both carnivals have much to offer in the way of enjoyment so it can be difficult to choose a favourite. Puerto de la Cruz has a High Heels Marathon contest which is not held in Santa Cruz. It features men in drag and it has become a carnival event that simply has to be seen!

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The adventures of Tenerife

Even though Canary Islands are looked upon to provide a bit of peace and quiet, Tenerife charges in a bit of life with multiple modes of adventures awaiting its visitors all the year round


El Teide – Volcano

The Teid Volcano is the largest volcano in Spain, which is accessible both by hiking as well as cable car riding. The general landscape consists of scarce cover of trees spread over desolate rugged terrain. At certain sections the hiking trail is marked by a path waving through each stage of boulders and rocks. The hike along the trail is moderate, as the slope does not go completely steep at any stage. From the top, a dense cover of the clouds leaves the horizon shrouded from sight. Seldom does a clear day occur to allow a view from end to end, with the peak of the volcano being the highest point in the region.

For most of the year, certain sections of the top are capped with snow due to the sheer height of the volcano. Cable car rides are a complete treat for the family, as they allow visitors to reach a platform near the top in a matter of a few minutes, giving a bird eye view of the vicinity below.


San Miguel de Abona Valley

The lush green valley of San Miguel de Abona accommodates the simple town life of its community in a subtle environment. The stables of the valley provide stallions of prime Spanish breed which cater for all kinds of rides around the area. The horses prove to be one the most suitable means of exploring through the open wilderness, adjusting for uneven terrain whenever it comes across without any hassle. The thrill of riding through fresh air can only be fully appreciated at such locations. During the spring season, the grounds of the valley are decorated with a surplus growth of flowers. A separate paddock is also available complete with an obstacle course for the horses. The opportunity allows riders to exhibit some novice jockey skills with the horses.


Karting club Tenerife

Promoting motorsport for all groups and ages, the Karting club of Tenerife is facilitated with three separate circuits. The adults can enjoy having a go at professional standards, hitting the main track with superior performing karts while pitching in a faster driving experience. The kids section is kept separate with smaller karts along with a smaller track, allowing the adults to race without compromising the safety of the younger ones driving their circuits. Official events are also organized at the facility, allowing professional races to be exhibited at a local scale. Book cheap tickets to Spain and indulge in these adventurous activates in Tenerife.


Paint Ball Tenerife

Being somewhat of a craze in the popularity of video gaming, real time paintball has been favoured to represent its own club of enthusiasts heading in for a different experience and new competition whenever they get the chance. Sure enough, a visit to Tenerife’s paint ball would suffice the standards of the top critics. The facility has its setup based over a well forested area, while the gear provided for the players gives impressive camouflage with the surroundings. The guns for the game are some of the newest models in the market, with the variety restricted to submachine and assault types only.


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